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Flog Nine: Can You Say It In ESPERANTO?

Title: El Cina Poezio (‘Of Chinese Poetry’ ?)
Author: Prof. Saint Jules Zee (徐声越)
Year: 1980
Publisher: 中国报道社 (Zhongguo baodaoshe)
Location: Beijing, PRC

Description: Hardbound in dust jacket.

Pagination: [4] I [II] III-XIV [1-2] 3-93 [94-96] 97-135 [136-138]

Contents: Classical and modern Chinese poems translated into Esperanto.

Poems translated by Professor Saint Jules Zee (see his Wiki page–in Esperanto!–here).

The volume contains poems by classical authors such as Du Fu and Li Bai, and modern poets such as Guo Moruo (see the translation of 光海 Guanghai above), Xu Zhimo, and Wen Yiduo.

An interesting collection published in the early days of China’s ‘opening up’, reflecting China’s engagement in the Esperanto movement. Included is a post-able questionnaire (also in Esperanto) beginning ‘Kara leganto’ (‘Dear reader’). Question one: ‘Kio estas via generala impreso pri tiu ei libro?’

Illustrations: Occasional line-drawing illustrations.

Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket worn and lightly torn around edges.

Price: £15.00 / $24 (+s&h)

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Flog Eight: I Like My Characters TRADITIONAL

Title: 中國城語故事 (Zhongguo chengyu gushi ‘Stories of Chinese Sayings’)
Author: 蘇尚耀 (Su Shangyao)
Year: 中華民國六十二年七月(1973)
Publisher: 文化圖書公司 (Wenhu tushu gongsi)
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Description: Oblong stable-bound book on thick card stock. Spine on right.

Pagination: [1-10]

Contents: Illustrated children’s book with stories explaining traditional Chinese chengyu.

Chengyu (lit. ‘city speech’) are, typically, four-character expressions or sayings that serve as a marker of educated speaking. The ten chengyu  illustrated in this children’s book are accompanied by a story to aid the reader in memorising the idiom and its meaning.

The book, printed in Taiwan, is written in traditional Chinese characters, and next to each character is the zhuyin fuhao (注音符號) or bopomofo ‘spelling’ of the character with tonal marker.


If you like your stories illustrated, your characters traditional, and need a little help remembering that 青梅竹馬 (qingmei zhuma ‘green plum and bamboo horse’) is purely innocent, then take a look at the terms for purchasing this book.


Condition: Worn. Wear to spine. Creasing to corners. Cover faded. But internally, a good copy.

Price: £2.50 / $4 (+s&h)

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Flog Seven: Heard It Through the GRAPEVINE

Title: The Grapevine: A Report on the Secret World of the Lesbian
Author: Jess Stearn
Year: 1964 (first edition)
Publisher: Doubleday & Company


Description: Hardbound in dust jacket.

Pagination: [10] 1-372

Contents: ‘As a reporter who had covered every type of assignment, Jess Stearn was perfectly aware that nobody had ever penetrated the secret world of lesbianism’.

Jess Stearn, leveraging his success and connections from The Sixth Man, an investigation into mid-century American gay male life, speaks with lesbians from across the USA and attends the convention of the Daughters of Bilitis, the ‘first lesbian civil and political rights organization in America’ (thus spoke Wikipedia).

Stearn discusses with a psychologist the causes of lesbianism (chapter title: ‘Why Oh Why?’), provides detailed descriptions of categories of ‘butch’ and ‘femme’, discloses the secrets of supposedly straight Hollywood sex symbols, and investigates the lives of married lesbians.

Throughout, Stearn is careful to assert his own heterosexuality:

‘More than once my own motivations were subjected to question. At a cocktail party, a sociologist, informed of my new project, remarked sourly, “Isn’t it strange that you should have written first about male homosexuality–and now lesbians?” “Not at all,” I answered lightly, ignoring the obvious innuendo. “I have lesbian tendencies.”‘

In many ways, the book reads like the ‘cony-catching’ or rogue pamphlets of the 1550s-1600s, the author-investigator leading the reader into the dark recesses of a secret underworld, explaining in-group terms and conventions (‘On Thursdays…multitudes of lesbians throughout the country wore a special color dress to identify themselves to other secret lesbians. In New York, Lost Angeles, and San Francisco, the cognoscenti wore green…’), feigning occasional moral disapproval while delivering to the titillated reader enticing details.

Condition: Light foxing to foredge. Dust jacket in good condition in protective wrapper. Light edge wear. Spine fading.

Price: £7.50 / $12 (+s&h)


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Flog Six: Let’s Take a WALK

Title: Spinning Stories
Year: 2009
Author: Clare Qualmann & Emily Butterworth, with The Women’s Library
Publisher: Site Projects

Description:  Softcover staple-bound booklet.

Pagination: [1-6]

Contents: A captioned walk about laundries and washrooms (present and deceased) in east London and their place as cultural centres of gossip, policing, engagement, and communication.

‘The walk begins at the Women’s Library, which is on the site of the old Goulston Square washhouse, and ends at the Boundary Estate Community Launderette, one of the few remaining facilities in the area. It…invites participants to think about changing attitudes to women’s talk, to public and private spaces, and to the role of informal chat in everyday life’.

Spinning Stories is based on a collaborative blog ( by an artist (Clare Qualmann) and a King’s College London French literature senior lecturer (Emily Butterworth). If you are interested in taking the walk, a .pdf of this booklet can be found on the Spinning Stories blog here.

Station No. 3, at the bottom of Brick Lane, records the presence of Cast Wash Launderette:

Condition: Clean, crisp pages with very slight dent to lower left corner

Why buy this flog? A) You collect laundriana B) This booklet will still exist in 50 years; the .pdf probably won’t C) You want to take this walk but don’t own a suitable electronic ‘device’ upon which to download a .pdf file.

Price: £2.50 / $4 (+s&h)

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Flog Five: It’s a PRESENTATION

Title: Homosexual Behavior Among Males: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Species Investigation
Author: Wainwright Churchill
: 1968 (first edition, second printing)
Publisher: Hawthorn Books

Description: Hardbound in green cloth, with dust jacket. Inscribed by author on front fly leaf.

Pagination: [1-8] 9-11 [12-14] 15-328 [329-330] 331-349 [350] [2]

Contents: ‘Recent scientific investigations into the sexual behavior of human and subhuman animals have demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that homosexual responsiveness is a component of mammalian sexuality’–so begins Wainwright Churchill’s ‘cross-cultural and cross-species’ investigation that claims to be (at the time) the ‘only comprehensive and objective study of male homosexual relations which approaches the subject as a fact of life rather than as a sin, crime or disease’.

This copy, the 1968 second printing, is inscribed by Wainwright Churchill to leading gay British activist A.E.G. Wright aka Antony Grey (1927-2010). The inside front cover contains Wright’s bookplate:

Condition: Volume is tight, clean, and crisp. DJ price clipped. DJ spine faded, with some tearing.

Price: £15 / $23.75 (+ s&h)

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Flog Four: Haiku for YOU

Title: row of pine
Year: 1994
Author: Jeffrey Winke
Publisher: Distant Thunder Press

Description: Small oblong softcover staple-bound booklet. Signed by the author.

Pagination: [1-16]

Contents: Collection of 21 haiku by Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) poet Jeffrey Winke (I’ll Tell You SoThat Smirking Face). This small volume from the Distant Thunder Press, with its forest green and beige colour scheme, evokes nature, serenity, and what may perhaps best be described as the Free Willy aesthetic.

The haiku in the collection range from the dull:

To the suggestive:

To the disturbing:

Condition: Minor nick to upper spine. Light crease to upper corner of first page.

Price: £10 / $15.50 (+ s&h)

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Flog Three: The Gay AGENDA

Title: Grass Roots: A Campaign Manual for Gay People
Author: Bruce Galloway
: 1982
Publisher: Campaign for Homosexual Equality

Description: Softcover staple-bound booklet with light green covers.

Pagination: 1 [2] 3-72

Contents: Strident handbook for campaign organisers; a ‘how-to’ guide for your own local gay revolution.

‘Look around your town. Does it cater for gay people? Do homosexuals live openly as what they are, without fear of discrimination: losing their job, getting beaten up or insulted, harrassed by the police? Are gay children getting sex education that acknowledges their own sexual needs? Do gays have trouble getting somewhere to live? Are they condescended to by doctors and ministers, ignored in the Tourist Information brochures, fed lies about themselves by the books in the public library?…It is on these issues that gay women and men must campaign –as well as on that of legal equality’.

The book is in three sections: Campaigning methods (e.g. ‘The Letter’, ‘The Meeting’, ‘Direct Action’), Eleven Campaigns (public education, employment, libraries, schools, doctors, police, housing, public services, prisons, the church, the nation), & Basic Fact Sheets.

On libraries, the manual suggests four objectives: 1) Persuade the library to stock/order gay books for loan 2) Get gay periodicals into the reference section 3) Get information about local gay groups displayed on its public noticeboards 4) Check that library books on homosexuality do not contain homophobic material, or are classified homophobically.

The campaign guide provides the following tip:

‘A limited campaign with clear objectives: requires persistence, literary interest, persuasiveness and–for best results–a “spy” in the local library. Cultivate the Libraries Committee!’

You have been warned.

In addition to specific objectives for gay equality campaigns, Grass Roots praises the values of organisation and persistence:

Illustrations: Black & white cartoon drawings.

Condition: Covers worn and smudged. Staples rusting. Ink smudge on p. 60 upper corner. Original purchase receipt from Blackwell’s Bookshop included.

Price: £5 / $8 (+ s&h)

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Flog Two: Stamp Out INJUSTICE

Title: Designs for Anarchist Postage Stamps
Year: 1997
Publisher / Printer: Rebel Press / Aldgate Press

Description: Oblong softcover staple-bound booklet.

Pagination: [1-56]

Contents: ‘What can anarchism possibly have in common with postal services?’

A foreword by Colin Ward (1924 – 2010) provides a brief history of the postal system.

Sixteen portraits & stamps featuring famous anarchists follow, designed by London-based graphic artist & anarchist Clifford Harper (b. 1949).

These ‘Postage Stamps for after the Revolution’ are accompanied by quotations. Mini-biographies of the portrait subjects are included at the end.

Illustrations: Portraits of Gerard Winstanley, William Godwin, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Max Stirner (pictured above), Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Michael Bakunin, Louise Michel, Peter Kropotkin, Errico Malatesta, Oscar Wilde, Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Emiliano Zapata, Herbert Read, Buenaventura Durruti Y Domingo, & Colin Ward

Condition: Minor wear to top & bottom spine. Light crease on back cover upper left corner.

Price: £10 / $15.50 (+ s&h)

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Flog One: Cambridge Has SEX

Title: The Little Blue Book
Year: 1979
Publisher / Printer: Cambridge Little Blue Book Committee / Pembgate Printing Co.

Description: Staple-bound booklet with light blue paper covers & title printed in dark blue.

Pagination: 1-60

Content: Sexual education booklet distributed to first year undergraduates at Cambridge University. ‘The Little Blue Book’ was modelled after an earlier (1978) edition for Oxford students.

‘This booklet is about sexuality. It was originally written by students for students, because it had been estimated that 60% of students who have intercourse take NO contraceptive precautions the first time.’

A straightforward, no nonsense guide with frank discussion of sexuality, the human body, and contraception.

‘It has been impossible to write this book without expressing, to some extent, our moral standpoint. Some will disagree with us; sexuality should be a matter for responsible individual choice’.

Topics covered include: Anatomy & Physiology (‘Some knowledge of sexual anatomy and physiology is a useful preliminary to a full understanding of this booklet’), Sexual Behaviour (incl. masturbation, heterosexuality, intercourse & homosexuality), Contraception, Sterilization, Pregnancy, Abortion, Rape, & Sex-related Diseases.

Illustrations: Diagrams of male and female sexual organs & IUD insertion, photo of contraceptive methods (see above), maps of Cambridge counselling services & family planning clinics

Condition: Minor smudge on cover. Upper corner creased. Black ink fingerprint smudge on pp. 11-12 (‘Women: Further reading’)

Price: £25 / $40 (+ s&h)

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