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Flog Nine: Can You Say It In ESPERANTO?

Title: El Cina Poezio (‘Of Chinese Poetry’ ?)
Author: Prof. Saint Jules Zee (徐声越)
Year: 1980
Publisher: 中国报道社 (Zhongguo baodaoshe)
Location: Beijing, PRC

Description: Hardbound in dust jacket.

Pagination: [4] I [II] III-XIV [1-2] 3-93 [94-96] 97-135 [136-138]

Contents: Classical and modern Chinese poems translated into Esperanto.

Poems translated by Professor Saint Jules Zee (see his Wiki page–in Esperanto!–here).

The volume contains poems by classical authors such as Du Fu and Li Bai, and modern poets such as Guo Moruo (see the translation of 光海 Guanghai above), Xu Zhimo, and Wen Yiduo.

An interesting collection published in the early days of China’s ‘opening up’, reflecting China’s engagement in the Esperanto movement. Included is a post-able questionnaire (also in Esperanto) beginning ‘Kara leganto’ (‘Dear reader’). Question one: ‘Kio estas via generala impreso pri tiu ei libro?’

Illustrations: Occasional line-drawing illustrations.

Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket worn and lightly torn around edges.

Price: £15.00 / $24 (+s&h)

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Flog Seven: Heard It Through the GRAPEVINE

Title: The Grapevine: A Report on the Secret World of the Lesbian
Author: Jess Stearn
Year: 1964 (first edition)
Publisher: Doubleday & Company


Description: Hardbound in dust jacket.

Pagination: [10] 1-372

Contents: ‘As a reporter who had covered every type of assignment, Jess Stearn was perfectly aware that nobody had ever penetrated the secret world of lesbianism’.

Jess Stearn, leveraging his success and connections from The Sixth Man, an investigation into mid-century American gay male life, speaks with lesbians from across the USA and attends the convention of the Daughters of Bilitis, the ‘first lesbian civil and political rights organization in America’ (thus spoke Wikipedia).

Stearn discusses with a psychologist the causes of lesbianism (chapter title: ‘Why Oh Why?’), provides detailed descriptions of categories of ‘butch’ and ‘femme’, discloses the secrets of supposedly straight Hollywood sex symbols, and investigates the lives of married lesbians.

Throughout, Stearn is careful to assert his own heterosexuality:

‘More than once my own motivations were subjected to question. At a cocktail party, a sociologist, informed of my new project, remarked sourly, “Isn’t it strange that you should have written first about male homosexuality–and now lesbians?” “Not at all,” I answered lightly, ignoring the obvious innuendo. “I have lesbian tendencies.”‘

In many ways, the book reads like the ‘cony-catching’ or rogue pamphlets of the 1550s-1600s, the author-investigator leading the reader into the dark recesses of a secret underworld, explaining in-group terms and conventions (‘On Thursdays…multitudes of lesbians throughout the country wore a special color dress to identify themselves to other secret lesbians. In New York, Lost Angeles, and San Francisco, the cognoscenti wore green…’), feigning occasional moral disapproval while delivering to the titillated reader enticing details.

Condition: Light foxing to foredge. Dust jacket in good condition in protective wrapper. Light edge wear. Spine fading.

Price: £7.50 / $12 (+s&h)


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Flog Five: It’s a PRESENTATION

Title: Homosexual Behavior Among Males: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Species Investigation
Author: Wainwright Churchill
: 1968 (first edition, second printing)
Publisher: Hawthorn Books

Description: Hardbound in green cloth, with dust jacket. Inscribed by author on front fly leaf.

Pagination: [1-8] 9-11 [12-14] 15-328 [329-330] 331-349 [350] [2]

Contents: ‘Recent scientific investigations into the sexual behavior of human and subhuman animals have demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that homosexual responsiveness is a component of mammalian sexuality’–so begins Wainwright Churchill’s ‘cross-cultural and cross-species’ investigation that claims to be (at the time) the ‘only comprehensive and objective study of male homosexual relations which approaches the subject as a fact of life rather than as a sin, crime or disease’.

This copy, the 1968 second printing, is inscribed by Wainwright Churchill to leading gay British activist A.E.G. Wright aka Antony Grey (1927-2010). The inside front cover contains Wright’s bookplate:

Condition: Volume is tight, clean, and crisp. DJ price clipped. DJ spine faded, with some tearing.

Price: £15 / $23.75 (+ s&h)

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