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Flog Six: Let’s Take a WALK

Title: Spinning Stories
Year: 2009
Author: Clare Qualmann & Emily Butterworth, with The Women’s Library
Publisher: Site Projects

Description:  Softcover staple-bound booklet.

Pagination: [1-6]

Contents: A captioned walk about laundries and washrooms (present and deceased) in east London and their place as cultural centres of gossip, policing, engagement, and communication.

‘The walk begins at the Women’s Library, which is on the site of the old Goulston Square washhouse, and ends at the Boundary Estate Community Launderette, one of the few remaining facilities in the area. It…invites participants to think about changing attitudes to women’s talk, to public and private spaces, and to the role of informal chat in everyday life’.

Spinning Stories is based on a collaborative blog (www.spinningstories.wordpress.com) by an artist (Clare Qualmann) and a King’s College London French literature senior lecturer (Emily Butterworth). If you are interested in taking the walk, a .pdf of this booklet can be found on the Spinning Stories blog here.

Station No. 3, at the bottom of Brick Lane, records the presence of Cast Wash Launderette:

Condition: Clean, crisp pages with very slight dent to lower left corner

Why buy this flog? A) You collect laundriana B) This booklet will still exist in 50 years; the .pdf probably won’t C) You want to take this walk but don’t own a suitable electronic ‘device’ upon which to download a .pdf file.

Price: £2.50 / $4 (+s&h)

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