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Flog One: Cambridge Has SEX

Title: The Little Blue Book
Year: 1979
Publisher / Printer: Cambridge Little Blue Book Committee / Pembgate Printing Co.

Description: Staple-bound booklet with light blue paper covers & title printed in dark blue.

Pagination: 1-60

Content: Sexual education booklet distributed to first year undergraduates at Cambridge University. ‘The Little Blue Book’ was modelled after an earlier (1978) edition for Oxford students.

‘This booklet is about sexuality. It was originally written by students for students, because it had been estimated that 60% of students who have intercourse take NO contraceptive precautions the first time.’

A straightforward, no nonsense guide with frank discussion of sexuality, the human body, and contraception.

‘It has been impossible to write this book without expressing, to some extent, our moral standpoint. Some will disagree with us; sexuality should be a matter for responsible individual choice’.

Topics covered include: Anatomy & Physiology (‘Some knowledge of sexual anatomy and physiology is a useful preliminary to a full understanding of this booklet’), Sexual Behaviour (incl. masturbation, heterosexuality, intercourse & homosexuality), Contraception, Sterilization, Pregnancy, Abortion, Rape, & Sex-related Diseases.

Illustrations: Diagrams of male and female sexual organs & IUD insertion, photo of contraceptive methods (see above), maps of Cambridge counselling services & family planning clinics

Condition: Minor smudge on cover. Upper corner creased. Black ink fingerprint smudge on pp. 11-12 (‘Women: Further reading’)

Price: £25 / $40 (+ s&h)

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